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Our aim is to improve the life chances of children across southern England, from Poole to Portsmouth, through our innovative and flexible approach.


Our training is aimed to support teachers, leaders and school managers at all stages of their career progression.

School Support

Beechwood TSA offer co-ordinated school to school support founded on in-depth knowledge of the specific needs of schools.


Research and development is at the heart of what we do to ensure new developments are shared with our alliance schools.

Welcome to Beechwood TSA

Welcome to the Beechwood Teaching School Alliance. We are part of the Hamwic Education Trust – a partnership of over 40 schools committed towards working together to improve the life chances of primary school children across southern England from Poole to Portsmouth.

Our mission is to work alongside schools to help them provide each pupil they serve with the best quality education: ‘together we can’.

We really believe that through a collegiate approach we can empower schools to provide excellent outcomes to the young people in our communities. By working together as a group—by tackling common problems, sharing research and drawing on the many outstanding leaders and practitioners across our partnership—we can offer more to both staff and students than any single school could offer alone.

We will not tell schools what they must do to improve. What we will aim to provide is a one-stop-shop—a complete package of the full range of the support and training that teachers and leaders across our communities have told us they need:

A comprehensive range of training packages tailored to the common needs of our partner schools.
Bespoke training and support focused on specific areas of improvement for individual schools or partnerships.
A pool of outstanding practitioners and effective leaders to provide support on anything from behaviour to business management.
Collaborative research and problem solving on common issues across our Alliance.
A personalised, flexible approach built on strong and enduring relationships between schools.

Training and support is delivered collaboratively by expert leaders and practitioners working within the partnership schools of the Hamwic Trust. By sharing information across such a broad partnership, the Beechwood Teaching School Alliance is well placed to identify expertise and innovation wherever it emerges, share effective solutions to common problems, and co-ordinate research projects to find solutions where none exist.

Our training packages
In addition to the set development programmes, we can work with schools to design bespoke development and innovation packages that meet the requirements of their individual establishments differentiated to suit the emergent needs of their staff.
Leadership Development Package
Our Leadership Development Package provides training and support at all levels of school-leadership from new, middle and seniors leaders to head teachers.

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Teaching Development Package
Our Teaching Development Package offers comprehensive training for teachers at all stages of career progression seeking to develop their expertise.

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Learning Support Development Package
Our Learning Support Development Package offers initial training for new or inexperienced teaching assistants and one-to-one support assistants as well as a range of specialised workshops.

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English Package
Our English Package offers training and support in reading, phonics, spelling and writing for both teachers and leaders with differing levels of experience and responsibility.

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Maths Package
Our Maths Package provides a life-line to maths teachers who are struggling to juggle the essential elements of the National Maths Curriculum and to school leaders aiming to improve the effectiveness of their school’s maths provision.

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Computing & Digital Literacy Package
Our Computing and Digital Literacy Package provides essential training and support at all levels of school-leadership – from subject leadership to refresher training for teachers on how to teach and use basic computing skills.

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Individual Courses & Programmes
In addition to our training packages, we are able to offer an expanding range of specialised training on a range of subjects. These will change on a year-by-year basis to ensure the changing needs of our partner schools are being met. We are currently offering: Moderation Twilights and Philosophy for Children (P4C)

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Bespoke Training
Bespoke training can be provided on request in most areas relevant to teaching, learning, pupil support and school management. If we are unable to provide the training ourselves we will do our best to help you to find the support you need from among our partner organisations.

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“Our mission is to work alongside schools to help them provide each pupil they service with the best quality education…together we can.”

Sue Marsh – Strategic Lead of Beechwood Teaching School Alliance and Headteacher of Beechwood Junior School

Why we are unique

We pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships of trust and respect. We trust all the schools in our partnership to place the pupils’ interests first; not just the pupils in their own schools but across the whole alliance. This genuine collaboration allows us to work together to ensure good practice is rapidly identified and shared.

We respect the rights of all schools in our partnership to know what is best for their pupils and staff. It is not our role to tell schools what to do, we know they can do this for themselves.

We are equally confident that the advice we provide has earned the respect of schools throughout our alliance and beyond. We are proud of our reputation for being able to support schools to achieve their own goals and targets.We know that expertise cannot be achieved in a day. That’s why the vast majority of our training and support extends over multiple sessions with built-in opportunities for coaching, trial and error, in-school research, repeated practice and friendly advice. Even after the course has finished.

Most of all, we pride ourselves on being part of a wide family of schools – all with different pupils, different needs and different triumphs, but all with the same aim: to ensure our pupils are well rounded, deep thinking, creative individuals equipped with life-long skills they will need for the 21st century.

How can we help you?

Call or email us today and let's have a chat about how we can support your school. We look forward to hearing from you!

“Useful advice and a wide variety of ideas – all with children at the heart. The conference was thought provoking and very relevant to what we are working on as a school – lots of ideas without being prescriptive.”
Feedback on Outstanding Curriculum Conference

Literacy Leader, Southampton

“This will be a culture change for my school that has real moral purpose; such a positive ethos for learning for all children. A great course, based on theory and context, clear application to our whole-school vision, backed up by practical tasks to support the theory.”
Feedback on Training Course

Deputy Head Teacher , Portsmouth

“Fantastic support thank you; clear, practical, well balanced. Totally challenged my thinking and made me realise some of the things we have introduced were all a bit superficial. Great to have something concrete to work on backed up by personable, experienced advice.”
Feedback on School to School Support

Middle Leader, Poole


Our mission is to work alongside schools to help them provide each pupil they serve with the best quality education..

Together we can!