School to school support

Coordinated school to school support founded on long-term relationships of trust and transparency.

Preserving school’s existing strengths

The Hamwic Teaching School Alliance offers co-ordinated school to school support founded on long-term relationships of trust and transparency and an in-depth knowledge of the specific needs of each school. Support typically involves working with a school or academy to bring about specific areas of improvement while preserving the school’s existing strengths and their unique identity.

The aim is to increase the life-chances for pupils at all schools working with the Beechwood Teaching School Alliance. Not to offer short term fixes, but to build the capacity for schools to develop their own long-term solutions for their own pupils. For this reason, most of our school support and training includes follow-up support and opportunities for ongoing progression, research, and networking. The trainees of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.

How it works

School to school support is provided by a team of carefully selected leaders and nationally recognised experts who work in partnership with the school and other specialists to develop a bespoke programme tailored to their needs. While we will make recommendations, the school retains control and can request specific packages or specialists as they prefer.

The school should contact the Beechwood Teaching School Alliance to request support, outlining the areas of improvement they would like to make. We will then meet to discuss the needs, identify the desired outcomes and assign a support lead who will coordinate the programme. This will typically involve:

Working with the school to conduct an initial audit and identify existing strengths and potential barriers.
Working with the school to broker an agreed set of actions and identify key individuals from across the alliance who are best placed to provide support.
Agreeing a specific timetable with clear start and end points, progress checks and reviews.
Agreed costings.
Overseeing and quality assuring the programme of support, reviewing impact and modifying the programme where necessary to ensure it continues to deliver what the school requires.
Identifying opportunities for schools with similar needs to develop closer relationships, share effective practice and engage in collaborative research.

“The advice we provide has earned the respect of schools throughout our alliance and beyond. We are proud of our reputation for being able to support schools to achieve their own goals and targets.”

Sue Marsh – Strategic Lead of Beechwood Teaching School Alliance and Headteacher of Beechwood Junior School

The full protocols for school to school support can be seen here .

Requesting School to School Support

If you would like to request support please complete our online form. Or, if you would like to speak to someone about School to School Support or have any questions please contact Sue Marsh via email or by telephone on (023) 8033 8203.


Our mission is to work alongside schools to help them provide each pupil they serve with the best quality education..

Together we can!