School to school support protocols

The process for commissioning support…

Request made

Request for School to School Support is made to the Beechwood Teaching School Alliance (BTSA). This could come for example from a school, Local Authority, Multi-Academy Trust or another Teaching School.

Request is received

The request goes to Sue Marsh, National Leader of Education in charge of School to School Support Strategy at the BTSA.

Work is brokered

The BTSA School to School Support Lead contacts school to broker support; if necessary, a visit to the school is arranged to audit the specific area of focus. Needs are then confirmed, the timetable, scope, expected outcomes and costs of support are agreed in detail.

Support team is agreed

National and/or Specialist Leaders in Education or other members of the BTSA team are identified with a named Lead taking account of the specific areas of expertise required, the school’s location and context, previous relationships, the school’s preferred working style & approach.

Initial meeting

A first meeting is arranged between the named Support Lead and the school’s Head or nominated lead. This meeting will cover: focus of work and key personnel, expectations for outcomes, length of deployment, frequency and timing of visits, access and release time for key individuals, protocols and professional expectations. Following this visit, a detailed action plan is developed.

Agreement signed

All parties sign up to a contracting agreement (including action plan), reflecting the agreed terms for the deployment.

Deployment begins

Each member of the supporting team completes short summary of action and review of impact for each visit, with copies sent to Sue Marsh and the supported school Head or nominated Lead. The supporting team’s school(s) are reimbursed monthly.

Mid term review

Mid-way through the support timetable the Support Lead reviews progress against the action plan and agreed outcomes to evaluate is the support working? Is it appropriate? Are any changes required? What are the next steps? They should consider if support should continue and, if not, they should agree final timescale and exit strategy with the supported school reimbursed any unspent costs if appropriate.

Raising concerns

If at any time the Support Lead has any concerns these must be raised with the BTSA and the Head of the supported school.

Final review

After completion of the agreed timetable of support, the Head of the supported school will review the impact of the support and report to Sue Marsh. Copies will be disseminated to all members of the supporting team.

If you would like to request support, please complete the form here. Or, if you would prefer to speak to someone about School to School Support or have any questions, please contact Sue Marsh direct at or call (023) 8033 8203.


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