Individual courses and programmes

In addition to our training packages, we are able to offer an expanding range of specialised training on a range of subjects. These will change on a year-by-year basis to ensure the changing needs of our partner schools are being met. We are currently offering: Moderation Twilights, CPOMs and Philosophy for Children (P4C).

Moderation Twilights

Our moderation twilights are informal drop-in sessions for teachers or subject and assessment leads to moderate their own assessment judgements with colleagues from other schools.

Facilitated by subject specialists including trained moderators, they provide essential guidance to teachers and schools on the accuracy of their assessments and valuable training on writing, reading and maths.

1 x half-day

Aimed at: Head Teachers, Deputy Heads, DSLs

Most schools use an electronic system such as CPOMS as a means of recording Child Protection, Medical and Behaviour incidents about children. This information is often then transferred electronically to the child’s next school. We have all become increasingly aware of the need to ensure that information is clearly and accurately recorded, complies with data protection legislation and is ready for potential freedom of information requests.

A working party of Southampton school leaders has produced a set of protocols for how CPOMS may be used while ensuring legal compliance through the use of accurate labelling, factual language and robust chronologies. We are offering all Head teachers, Deputy Heads and DSLs the chance to come to a free half day training course to find out what is being recommended and to take away a training package to use with their staff in school. The course is still likely to be helpful if you use an alternative electronic system.

PLEASE NOTE:  Particpants may choose to come to either a morning or afternoon session.

Thursday, 26th September 2019, 9:00am – 12:00pm

Thursday, 26th September 2019, 1:00pm – 4:00pm


Beechwood Junior School, Juniper Road, Southampton, SO18 4EG

Tea and coffee will be provided

Cost:  Free to all participants

Target audience:
Teachers, learning support staff and school leaders who want to effectively develop and embed a rich thinking skills programme in their classrooms, using the Philosophy for Children model as developed by SAPERE

This two day course answers 4 main questions:

  • What is the Community of (Philosophical) Enquiry?
  • What makes questioning philosophical and how can such questioning improve teaching and learning?
  • How do you develop a community of enquiry/thinking classroom, including evaluating progress?

This course will draw on a range of theory and practical tools and techniques to enable participants to successfully use P4C within their classroom to deepen learning and develop more skillful thinkers.


  • A clear understanding of the benefits and structure of the SAPERE P4C model
  • A clear understanding of how to recognise and use philosophical concepts to generate effective questions which lead to high quality enquiries
  • How to develop the key skills and dispositions that learners need in order to make progress in P4C
  • To develop an effective repertoire of facilitation techniques and skills which develop and deepen children’s thinking and enquiry skills within P4C and across the curriculum
  • An appreciation of how to develop a community of enquiry/thinking classroom over time including the importance of evaluation and review of the enquiry process.


Wednesday, 30 January, 2019 9am-4:30

Wednesday, 27th March, 2019 9am-4:00

Beechwood Junior School, Juniper Road, Southampton, SO18 4EG

The course will be led by Jonathan Hannam

Cost:  £190 for the two days and Level 1 accreditation

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