Research and development is our passion

One of our priorities is to closely monitor national and international research.

Our aim is to enrich young people's education

The Beechwood Teaching School Alliance has Research and Development at its heart. We closely monitor national and international research to ensure any new developments with proven benefits are immediately disseminated across all schools within our alliance.

We are also well placed to coordinate collaborative original research tailored to the challenges faced by students in our partnership schools across Southern England. An active Research and Development culture can be found across all the schools in our Alliance. As a result, the Beechwood Teaching School Alliance is building a unique platform of evidence-based findings that can be used to drive innovation in pedagogy and practice and enrich the education of the young people in our schools.

Our Research Commitment

The Beechwood Teaching School Alliance is committed to playing a central role in leading, supporting and disseminating research. We achieve this by:

Coordinating collaborative research into specific challenges shared by schools across the trust.
Facilitating and supporting individual schools and leaders to develop and evaluate their own research around their own objectives and priorities.
Building research into most of our training and development programmes, from taking a lesson study approach to allow individuals to evaluate the impact of alternative approaches to comparing impact across a range of different settings. A lesson pro-forma can be downloaded here.
Working in partnership with other teaching school alliances and strategic partners to participate in wider regional and national research programmes.
Evaluating the results and potential impact of existing local, national and international research.
Supporting school improvement by evaluating and sharing resources, knowledge and approaches that are critically proven to be successful.

“Every school within the Alliance has its own objectives, but there are also broader lessons that can be learned from shared experience.”

Sue Marsh – Strategic Lead of Beechwood Teaching School Alliance and Headteacher of Beechwood Junior School

The challenge is in how to find a solution to each school’s unique pressure points while drawing on the evidence-based lessons learned elsewhere. By connecting schools within a wider professional research community, and by supporting school with their own enquiry and evidence evaluation, the Beechwood Teaching School Alliance can help schools to effect high-impact CPD and school improvement outcomes.

If you would like to request support to develop or evaluate a research project in your school, or have an idea for collaborative research across a range of schools please contact us or complete the Research Request form below.

Research Projects

Past projects

We do not currently have the results of any previous research projects.

Current projects

We are currently seeking schools or individual teachers who would like to participate in the following research projects…

Wider research

We stay up-dated with any existing local, national and international research so we can share findings with schools across the trust.

Request research support

If your school could benefit from research support please fill in the online form and we will get in touch as soon as we can.


Our mission is to work alongside schools to help them provide each pupil they serve with the best quality education..

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