Our Support Team

We provide the best leaders to improve the quality of teaching and leadership where it is needed.

National Leaders of Education


Strong school leaders (typically Head Teachers) who have experience of working alongside system leaders to provide high quality support to schools in challenging circumstances.

National Leaders of Governance


Effective chairs of governors who are able to develop the capacity of other governing bodies to exercise effective strategic governance to bring about improvements throughout the school.

Specialist Leaders of Education


Outstanding middle and senior leaders with a particular area of expertise and the skills to work alongside and develop the leadership capacity of colleagues in other schools.

Leading Practitioners

Outstanding teachers and other school professionals who achieve the very highest standards and whose role is to share their skills and experience with others.

Our NLE’s

Our NLG’s

Our SLE’s

Our Leading Practitioners


Our mission is to work alongside schools to help them provide each pupil they serve with the best quality education..

Together we can!