Maths Package

Our Maths Package provides a life-line to maths teachers who are struggling to juggle the essential elements of the National Maths Curriculum and to school leaders aiming to improve the effectiveness of their school’s maths provision.

Our Maths Teaching and Leading Maths Programmes aim to secure effective maths provision within individual classrooms and across whole schools. The Maths Teaching Programme equips Maths teachers with secure subject knowledge and a core understanding of maths progression along with tried and tested strategies for planning and delivering maths lessons to ensure all pupils achieve fluency and are able to solve problems and reason mathematically to the best of their abilities. Our Leading Maths Programme offers support to those responsible for leading maths, providing guidance on everything from curriculum and task design to whole-school systems of maths planning and assessment.

Our Maths Fluency and Maths Reasoning and Problem Solving Programmes provide more specific guidance on two of the most important and troubling areas of maths provision. Without secure basic numeracy skills, pupils will struggle to cope with even simple maths tasks; our Maths Fluency Programme examines the effectiveness of a range of current approaches to securing basic maths fluency and explores how to overcome barriers to pupils’ understanding. Our Maths Reasoning and Problem Solving Programme provides guidance to maths teachers and leaders on two fronts: how to effectively build in reasoning and problem solving at every stage of maths learning and how to equip pupils with successful strategies.

Leading Maths Programme

5 x half-day sessions

Aimed at: Maths Subject Leaders at KS1 and KS2

This course aims to provide support to maths leaders to ensure they are able to provide the best advice in their schools on maths pedagogy and provision. As well as providing regular opportunities for peer-to-peer support, the course will pull together the key elements of all courses in the maths package: teaching pedagogy, maths basic skills, maths reasoning and problem solving and greater depth maths. The course also provides support and guidance to maths leaders in curriculum development, progress tracking and resource management.

Beechwood TSA News Curriculum and skill progression
Beechwood TSA News Assessment, moderation, monitoring and tracking
Beechwood TSA News Maths pedagogy and planning
Beechwood TSA News Problem solving and reasoning
Beechwood TSA News Greater depth
Beechwood TSA News Basic maths fluency
Beechwood TSA News Homework Maths resources
Beechwood TSA News Providing effective CPD
Beechwood TSA News Differentiation, support and challenge

Day 1: 30th September, 2019 – Beechwood Junior School – 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Curriculum design, skill progression, planning and pedagogy.

Day 2: 4th November, 2019 – Beechwood Junior School – 1:00pm – 5.00pm

Basic maths fluency, homework and parental involvement, effective gap analysis and support, maths resources for pupils.

Day 3: 24th February, 2020 – Beechwood Junior School – 1:00pm – 5.00pm

Beyond fluency: ensuring deeper understanding through reasoning, problem solving, applied and purposeful maths.

Day 4: 30th March, 2020 – Beechwood Junior School – 1:00pm – 5.00pm

Ensuring whole-school consistency and progress: moderation, tracking, monitoring and scrutiny.

Day 5: 18th May, 2020 – Beechwood Junior School – 1:00pm – 5.00pm

Providing effective maths CPD and support.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided

Cost: Hamwic schools £150, Non-Hamwic schools £220

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