Beechwood TSA Training Packages

Select from set development programmes or opt for bespoke packages to suit your school’s needs.

Our training is aimed to support teachers, leaders and school managers at all stages of their career progression. In addition to the set development packages below, we can work with schools to design bespoke development and intervention packages that suit specific requirements.

About our training

We want our training to be effective: to provide ongoing development and support tailored to each participant’s needs and based on sustained relationships with experienced professionals.

Most programmes extend over five or six sessions with built-in opportunities to trial, refine and assess the impact of new ideas and suggestions. Many programmes also involve bespoke coaching sessions to allow participants to reflect on their progress and problem-solve potential barriers.

Training is usually provided by our own team of SLE’s or partner organisations working within the region. They know and understand the issues and conditions faced by schools within our Alliance and, through regular contact, are able to develop the essential relationships that make the difference between a one-off training event and genuinely effective professional support.

Much of our training also involves a research element. Participants are encouraged to trial new approaches or explore specific issues relevant to their own practice and to common issues shared across the Alliance.

We aim to respond to the changing needs of our partner schools. Programmes change from year to year and will often include elective elements to provide choice and flexibility and ensure the training meets the individual needs of all participants.

How our training is organised

Our training aims to support teachers, leaders and school managers at all stages of their career progression. For that reason, we have organised our training into different ‘Packages’, each covering a different area of support: Leadership, Teaching, Learning Support, English, Maths, Computing and Digital Literacy, and Moderation Twilights. Each of these ‘Packages’ includes a range of training programmes pitched at different levels of experience and expertise.

Are your staff all at different places with their training needs?

If your staff have quite different needs and interests then you can buy as many different programmes as you like, each priced individually.

Do you have a group of four or more staff with similar needs or is your school trying to push on a particular area of school development?

You might benefit from buying a whole package of training within your area of school need. You will benefit from a discount and will be able to mix and match a range of different programmes within each package.

Our training packages

Teaching Development Package

Our Teaching Development Package offers comprehensive training for teachers at all stages of career progression seeking to develop their expertise.

English Development

Our English Package offers training and support in reading, phonics, spelling and writing for both teachers and leaders with differing levels of experience and responsibility.

Leadership Development Package

Our Leadership Development Package provides training and support at all levels of school-leadership from new, middle and seniors leaders to head teachers.

Learning Support Development Package

Our Learning Support Development Package offers initial training for new or inexperienced teaching assistants and one-to-one support assistants as well as a range of specialised workshops.

Maths Package

Our Maths Package provides a life-line to maths teachers who are struggling to juggle the essential elements of the National Maths Curriculum and to school leaders aiming to improve the effectiveness of their school’s maths provision.

Individual Courses and Programmes

In addition to our training packages, we are able to offer an expanding range of specialised training on a range of subjects. These will change on a year-by-year basis to ensure changing needs are being met.

We also offer bespoke training and development support to meet your school’s specific needs. If you would like more information, please click here or complete the form below. Or, if you would prefer to speak to someone about our courses or have any questions, please contact Sue Marsh direct at or call (023) 8033 8203.

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“So many ideas for teaching and learning. Such enthusiastic delivery from all speakers. Extremely useful and I really hope to implement at least a few of the ideas into my teaching. Thank you.”

Teacher, Poole

This will be a culture change for my school that has real moral purpose; such a positive ethos for learning for all children. A great course, based on theory and context, clear application to our whole-school vision, backed up by practical tasks to support the theory.”

Deputy Head Teacher, Portsmouth

“Very consistent messages from all speakers – all based upon doing the right things for children. I was impressed by the passion and drive of all speakers.”

Assistant Head Teacher, Southampton


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